Our team is very pleased to announce the installation of reverse cycle air-conditioners to all bunkrooms.

These AC’s are on a timer so that they cool (or heat) the rooms during sleeping hours so that students (and most importantly, teachers and parent helpers) get a comfortable nights sleep.

But What about their carbon footprint?

Well, our 30kWh solar panels help minimize the ac’s carbon footprint. Also the special remotes we use are set so they don’t allow extreme cooling or heating. (They won’t go lower than 22 celsius  for cooling or above 22 celsius for heating)

So, great during Summer while there’s plenty of sunshine, but what about Winter when there’s much less sun?

Good question. Currently our Winter heating is hydronic with gas fired boilers. They use bottled gas  delivered via diesel trucks. With reverse cycle air-conditioners like ours they use  1 kWh of electricity  to produce approx 3 kWh of heat. This makes them very efficient for producing heat.

Bottled gas prices are going through the roof so moving the heating over to a cheaper  energy source will make for a reduction in price increases to parents.