Super Swooper
Our Super Swooper is a 500 metre long flying fox. Overseas folk might know of it as a zip line.
Whatever you call it, you might be interested to know that it is a ride on a wire cable powered by gravity and that the energy comes from the 50 odd metre walk up the hill to the starting tower.
Once you have made it to the top you can enjoy the lovely views while you catch your breath. Our Instructor will give you a briefing and once you are properly harnessed up you will be shortly on your way.
The flag from the bottom end signals that all is ready to receive you. As you look down the long stretch of cable, you feel your heart pounding hard in your chest. After a moment, the instructor clips you onto the cable and you launch yourself down the take-off slide.
As you leave the starting tower behind you, the wind rushes past your ears and soon you are going so fast that you are turned around backwards by the wind. Now's a good time to remember to breathe.
You feel the great sense of flying as you hurl along, it's almost a Harry Potter moment. After 40 or so seconds the end is coming up quickly and you start to wonder how good the brake system is.
Never fear, the bungee brake brings you safely to a halt and the trolley tower comes over with the dismount instructor to fetch you down.
Congratulations, if you have time, I bet you're up for another go!
Super Swooper
The Walk up to the Top End